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Flexible Pallet Racking Solutions Manchester

Greenoaks Industry Standards

Logistics are a concern with any company. Not only must management be made aware of the products they have in stock, but flexible storage solutions allow for greater efficiency and ultimately, higher quality assurance. Greenoaks Ltd. is a manufacturer of pallet racking systems that are designed to meet the needs of the growing businesses. It is therefore prudent to consider the different types of systems that are available for companies requiring pallet racking in Manchester. Continue reading

A Guide to Industrial Shelving Options


Greenoaks Ltd. boasts a number of bespoke shelving systems which are designed specifically around the needs of countless clients. As we embrace cost-effective efficiency, all of these systems are modular and scalable in design. Thus, they are able to address extremely stringent and unique requirements. Upgrades and downgrades are made simple. These shelves are constructed of extremely durable materials and longevity is assured. Accordingly, we are able to offer a number of specific solutions for any facility. What are the types of shelves offered and what benefits can each category provide?

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Bentley Motors Ltd Contractor of the Year

Greenoaks Bentley Award

At Greenoaks Ltd. we are a recognised firm that has been working out of the Northbank Industrial Estate in Irlam for nearly thirty years. We have developed a flawless reputation for supplying and installing a variety of systems that are designed for industrial use. Some of the products that we have provided to local and regional communities during this time have been pallet racking, mezzanine floors, ceilings and a variety of adjustable shelving units. Continue reading