The multiple benefits of mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine floors are a cost effective way to increase space for your business.
If a business needs extra room for

storage, production facilities or offices, it is expensive to acquire bigger premises and moving costs can be high. Mezzanine flooring can be the perfect solution.
A mezzanine floor is a partial floor that can be installed in an existing building to provide extra space. The alternative, if there is room, is to build an extension, which will usually require planning permission and can be extremely costly. If the premises are rented, many landlords will not allow the building of an extension, but can be receptive to the installation of mezzanine flooring, as this can be removed at the end of a lease period if required.
Mezzanine floors create space without needing to be a permanent feature of a building. They are quick to install and cost much less than a building extension. They can be fixed to the main support wall and, although they may look as if they are floating, they can hold the same weight as a permanent floor.
Provided that the building is of adequate height, a mezzanine floor will provide enough height for people to work in.
As they are not a permanent feature of a building, if a business does move then the mezzanine flooring can easily be dismantled and rebuilt in another location.
Greenoaks has a specialist team who design and install mezzanine flooring to create extra space for your business, as well as providing top class warehouse shelving systems.


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