Choosing the right pallet for your storage needs

Whether you buy new or secondhand pallets, you should be sure to buy quality ones. If wooden pallets are used to store heavy objects, they need to be made from

high-quality timber and constructed well to prevent breakage.
Secondhand wooden pallets or ones bought at discount prices should have no signs of damage such as cracks. All wooden pallets should have been treated to prevent the buildup of moisture or bacteria.
Always purchase new or secondhand pallets from a reputable company who only sell top grade products.
Metal and aluminium pallets and racking systems have several advantages over wooden pallets. They will usually last longer than wooden ones. If pallets are to be stored outside for long periods, especially in the winter months, metal pallets are better than wooden ones that can be affected by harsh weather. Though the initial cost of metal pallets may be more than wood, they are a good investment in the long run.
Another alternative is plastic pallets. These are particularly suitable for storing food and pharmaceuticals that cannot be stored on wood due to hygiene regulations.
There are pallets available that are made from composite materials such as Blockpal, which are sealed pallets that eliminate the risk of bacterial or insect contamination.
For complex logistics operations, microchips can be embedded into pallets so that they can easily be identified and located to increase efficiency and security.
For your entire pallet storage needs, talk to Greenoaks – the pallet racking systems experts.


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