The importance of efficient warehouse planning

All aspects of your business need to be run efficiently and the warehouse is no exception.
The first thing to get

right is the floorplan. If you are planning a new warehouse, the experts at Greenoaks can do this for you. For an existing warehouse, considerable efficiency gains may be made by rearranging the warehouse. Many warehouses may appear to be reaching capacity, but rearranging the warehouse shelving system can result in the much more efficient use of space without needing a larger building. If there is enough height, installing mezzanine flooring can expand storage space.
Product placement is important. Many warehouses store products according to product categories. Instead, consider placing the products that are in top demand together. This will save the pickers a lot of travel time.
Once products are placed in their optimum locations, then a good inventory control system is needed that tracks all movement in the warehouse, goods coming in, picking products and sending them out for delivery. Technology can help with barcodes and radio frequency identification systems that can guide pickers to product locations. Some of these systems use voice technology to direct pickers.
It can help to organise product picking by priority. For example, orders from customers who pay extra for next day delivery will be processed before standard delivery orders.
An efficient warehouse system improves the process of goods coming in and out, and this can increase revenue. For further information on organizing your warehouse, talk to Greenoaks.


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