Are temporary buildings the answer to fluctuating storage needs?

The cost of renting or constructing warehouses can be an obstacle to business expansion. One solution could be the use of temporary or semi-permanent buildings.
At the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition held in

Ireland at the end of January, construction company Spaciotempo promoted its semi-permanent and temporary buildings that can be used to help businesses expand. Ireland is experiencing a boom in exports, which has fuelled the demand for more storage space.
Spaciotemp buildings are designed to make the most of space, improve logistics and modernise transportation processes.
The managing director of Spaciotempo, Scott Jamieson, points out that temporary or semi-permanent warehouses are quicker to erect and offer better value for money than permanent equivalents, since it is possible to install or remove them as and when necessary.
Spaciotempo installed four semi-permanent warehouses at Marston’s Brewery to store bottles when the brewery increased its production. These buildings enlarged Marston’s onsite storage by 45%, which meant that the brewer could store an extra 14 million bottles of beer. The four warehouses were constructed in just three months, which is a considerably shorter construction time than permanent warehouses.
Temporary storage facilities are a flexible solution for extra storage, and can be built to fit the available ground space. Warehouse shelving systems can be designed to suit the individual needs of a business.
Before building a semi-permanent or permanent warehouse, remember that Greenoaks can design the perfect pallet racking and shelving system for your company’s storage needs.


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