The importance of pallet racking to your business success

The warehouse is a core component that helps your business succeed. It is crucial to efficient use of

warehouse space, and starts with installing the right pallet racking system.
Racking and shelving needs to make sure products are visible and available. Well-designed pallet racking systems can increase the efficiency of a logistics operation.
Demand for particular products can go up and down, which means that their storage space requirements can vary. Adaptable systems that can be adjusted can deal with the ebb and flow of demand. Bolted frame components are easily and quickly adjusted, while drop-on components such as steel decks and chipboard panels can adapt to store goods of any shape and size.
Shelving should be arranged so that pickers travel the minimum distance possible when collecting goods, thus allowing them to be more productive.
The shelving system quality is influenced by the load capacity, and shelving that is not designed for the weight of goods can be both dangerous and inefficient. The best quality pallet racking systems may cost more, but will last longer and be cost efficient in the long term.
Safety is an important concern. Pallet support bars, floor anchoring and column supports protect warehouse workers.
Businesses want to make sure that goods leave the warehouse in good condition and are accurately picked. This requires a well-designed warehouse pallet racking system.
Each warehouse is different and requires the design of a tailored pallet racking system. The team at Greenoaks are experts in designing and installing pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems.


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