Warehouse shelving grows vertically to improve efficiency

When a business grows there is often a need for more storage space. The warehouse manager at computing firm Okuma looked at two options: extending the warehouse or

installing vertical warehouse shelving. He chose the latter, because this improved efficiency.
Okuma builds computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools and its warehouse holds spare parts for every machine it has built. It has a 95% fill rate, which means that most parts are ready to be shipped customers.
As Okuma’s business grew there was a need for more storage space. Mike Vassil, the parts manager, researched how to do this. He rejected expanding the warehouse in favour of installing new vertical warehouse shelving and automated systems. He dismantled the mezzanine flooring area and replaced the space with 18 foot tall vertical shelving systems.
Automatic systems maintain inventory and automatically reorder parts that reach low stock levels.
Okuma found that vertical shelving, combined with automated control system, resulted in greater efficiency with tighter stock control and speedier picking.
Vertical lift modules deliver parts to within 10 feet of warehouse workers. This eliminates the need for workers to walk, bend and climb ladders in order to pick the parts, making life easier for them.
Vassil said:

“The renovation gives us better control of inventory accuracy and expedited shipping of parts.”

If you are considering expanding your warehouse shelving vertically, talk to Greenoaks. We can design and install vertical warehouse shelving systems that will improve the productivity of your warehouse.


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