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Mezzanine Floor Installations


Mezzanine floor installations from Greenoaks Ltd allow you to really maximise your office, production or storage space. If you need more space, but don’t want to move to new premises, a mezzanine floor can prove to be a very cost effective solution. They are designed and engineered to fit within a current building, eliminating the need to move or expand and the inconvenience that goes with those options and are ideal for providing additional space for warehousing, manufacture, storage, offices, cafeterias, company records, locker rooms and more.

Custom designed by Greenoaks Ltd to suit your application with components pre fabricated to ensure minimum disruption during installation, a mezzanine floor can include access options for conveyors and machine services as well as for personnel and equipment.

Different Types Of Mezzanine Floor Installations

Mezzanine floors can be designed for a number of different uses, for example:



 A mezzanine floor can be fitted out with aisles of shelving to provide additional storage space.


Office Accommodation

Clever design allows for single storey or two-tier office accommodation.


Production Space

To hold production machinery, so you can increase your production capacity without extending or moving.


Single & Multi-tier

A mezzanine floor can be produced as a single- or multi-tier installation providing the ultimate in space customisation capabilities.

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Mezzanine Floor Components

All the components required are produced in our purpose built factory to the highest quality standards. State-of-the-art design and engineering facilities result in mezzanine floors that bolt together simply and accurately on site, for quick and easy installation. Our product development team is also involved in a continuous improvement program, generating new ideas and constantly monitoring product quality and production schedules to ensure that our products continue to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Handrails, ladders, staircases, up & over gates and one of a choice of flooring materials may also be required; all are provided as part of the package and installed by our trained staff.

Mezzanine Floor Installations

In addition to being one of the leading UK mezzanine floor suppliers, Greenoaks Ltd provides a full installation service. Our “standard” service includes:

  • Site survey carried out by one of our highly experienced engineers
  • Detailed structural drawings and calculations
  • Full building regulations application with fast decision
  • All surveys, drawings and calculations included within the price
  • Mezzanine floors designed, manufactured and installed in-house
  • Delivery and installation arrangements are scheduled to suit your needs
  • Fast, tidy and efficient installation
  • All mezzanine floors conform to the relevant design, manufacturing and health & safety requirements.

Cost Effective Space Solutions

Not only is the installation of a mezzanine floor more cost effective than moving premises or building an extension, most are classified as capital equipment by HM Revenue & Customs, so businesses can gain the appropriate tax advantages. Most mezzanine floors supplied by Greenoaks Ltd can also be relocated.

What else do you need to know about mezzanine floors?

When considering whether to invest in a mezzanine floor and considering the costs in comparison to moving to different premises you will find that a mezzanine floor will pay for itself in a short time. There are other factors you might be thinking about and questions you want to know the answers to about mezzanine floors. Hopefully, you will find a few of those questions answered below as we have put together some of the questions we get asked by our customers.

Do I need my landlord’s permission?

In most cases you will need to inform your landlord of any changes you want to make, to ensure you comply with the terms and conditions of your lease if this is a condition. It is advisable to share the mezzanine floor design drawings with them and let them know about Building Regulation Approval. The easiest thing to do is send a copy of all correspondence to your Local Authority/ Approved Building Inspector as well as your landlord.

Will a new mezzanine floor affect my business rates?

When you are installing a mezzanine floor for warehouse or storage purposes it won’t normally have an increased rate. However, if the new floor is going to be used for office accommodation it can sometimes have an impact.

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor installation?

In pretty much all cases you won’t need planning permission, if it is a fully demountable structure and the changes are internal. You will require Building Regulations approval though.

Are there size restrictions for mezzanine flooring?

Building Regulations don’t put a limit on the size, shape, or height on a mezzanine floor. However, the government has been attempting to control the expansion of retail space in out-of-town developments and has introduced legislation which requires planning permission for floors greater than 200 sq.m. You can get around this by adding multiple floors less than 200 sq.m that won’t need planning permission to go ahead.

Will the mezzanine floor need to be fire rated and protected?

Fire protection under mezzanine floors comes under part B of the Building Regulations. Unprotected mezzanine floors are allowed with the following terms:

  • If the mezzanine floor is single tier and being used for storage purposes only.
  • The number of people likely to be on the floor is low and doesn’t include members of the public.
  • The floor isn’t longer or wider than 20m and doesn’t exceed 50% of the floor area of the space in which it is situated.
  • The floor has suitable means of escape.

The Building Regulations are guidelines that allow for individual interpretation which could vary the conditions set out above. For example, if your building has an existing sprinkler system that has been extended to cover the underside of the new mezzanine then the floor would not have to be fire rated.

What will the level of disruption be to my business during the mezzanine floor installation?

As one of the UK’s leading mezzanine floor suppliers we pride ourselves on providing an installation service that will cause minimal disruption to your business. During the process, the area where the new floor is to be situated will need to be cordoned off whilst the installation is taking place for health and safety reasons. The area will need to be kept as clear as possible and our team will need unrestricted access to the area including utilities and services (lighting and electricity) so your mezzanine floor can be installed safely. We will create your new mezzanine floor with no fuss, minimum disruption so we don’t interrupt your workflow.

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