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A wide range of storage lockers and office storage solutions are available from Greenoaks Ltd.


Storage Lockers

Come to Greenoaks Ltd for your storage lockers and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our range includes storage lockers with:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 doors. All have a top quality powder coated finish available in seven colours, round barrel inset lock and a choice of key or padlock option.
  • Single or multiple compartments
  • Optional shelves to increase internal storage area
  • Separate compartments for clean and dirty, ideal for manufacturing facilities, health care establishments or anywhere that staff may need to change from day wear to work wear.
  • Deep, wide compartments, ideal for flat, ironed garments.
  • Dead locks and concealed hinges (security lockers), ideal for industry, commerce, education and public amenities.
  • Timber doors, offering an enhanced appearance for commercial and leisure applications
  • Perforated doors, ideal for applications that require a high degree of ventilation and strength.
  • Germ-Guard anti bacterial paint, ideal for wet areas
  • Mesh construction, for visible but secure storage

What are the benefits of having office storage lockers in your workplace?

Lockers are essential for many different institutions from schools and colleges to various kinds of workplaces and companies e.g., factories and leisure centres. With so many modern and expensive technologies like phones, tablets and smart watches lockers are more important now than ever in keeping those items safe when they can’t be on your person. As well as safety the storing of personal belongings in a locker reduces excess clutter which can help increase productivity in an office environment. Below are more of the benefits office storage lockers can provide to staff members:

1) Helps your office to look professional – this refers back to what we previously mentioned about avoiding clutter. If staff members can keep their personal belongings in a locker your office will look more organised and well maintained which is the right impression you want to have if clients are coming to your office.

2) Hotdesking – over the years more companies have started implementing ‘hotdesking’ to make the most of smaller office spaces. It’s become an invaluable option for many businesses since the coronavirus pandemic as you can rotate staff to work in the office on different days, working from home the other days to stop the spread of the virus. The downside to hotdesking is without a set space employees can lose track of their belongings that could be moved by someone else using the same desk on a different day. Personal storage lockers help with hotdesking because they provide workers with storage of their own so they know exactly where everything is when they come to work and can be more organised.

3) Improve security – in larger companies and coworking offices there can be concern about the availability of secure storage. If many people are coming in and out of the office regularly it’s difficult to maintain a high level of security that can adequately ensure the protection of employee belongings. Providing personal storage is a cost-effective solution to improving security for your employees as well as saving time that would have been wasted from packing and unpacking belongings.

4) Increase safety – your health and safety standards can be lowered in a cluttered office. This can increase the risk of someone tripping over or other accidents that can easily be avoided. Through office storage lockers being installed it is reassuring for your employees and protecting your company from a claim to know that any trip hazards can be locked away and protected from potential damage.

5) Optimise office space – no matter the size of your office getting the right storage can be challenging. Office furniture can look bulky and it’s easy for an office to seem smaller than it is. Having storage lockers in place will help you be able to maximise your space as much as possible. However, this will mean you need lockers that can fit in with your space. Here at Greenoaks our lockers come in a wide variety of styles and colours to match any office. If you need other space saving solutions in your workplace, we also provide office racking. Contact our team today to find out more about the office storage solutions we can offer you. 

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Office Storage Solutions

No matter what type of office you run, Greenoaks Ltd has the ideal storage solution. From shelving and filing cabinets for work-in-progress to archive and bulk document storage, the choice is unrivalled.

Our “in-office” range includes wooden and metal filing cabinets, shelving systems, desks & pedestals and PC shelves – we even supply litter bins!

For document and archive storage we supply complete shelving and box systems, from economy cardboard boxes to premium “Really Useful Boxes”, perfect for times when security and resistance to moisture or rodents are important. The easy-to-assemble shelving comes in a choice of two bay sizes and needs no nuts, bolts or rivets. White or brown cardboard boxes or a choice of colours of plastic “Really Useful Boxes” are available.

For architects, designers, surveyors and the like, we also provide a range of storage systems for A1 or A0 plans that includes trolleys and metal or wooden cabinets.

The Greenoaks Ltd design team will help you to assess your requirements and design an office storage solution that is ideally suited to your needs.

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