Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle & VNA Pallet Racking Solutions

When space is at a premium and a high degree of flexibility and access to stock is required, narrow aisle racking provides an ideal solution.

Utilising a similar style of layout, but with narrower aisles between each row of pallets, narrow aisle pallet racking offers all the advantages of standard racking, for example:

  • Full access to each individual pallet
  • Prime steel construction with bolted horizontal and diagonal bracing
  • Can be used in high volume, tailor made applications
  • Can be purchased in individual modules for smaller installations
  • Full range of accessories available

Limited Space?

Narrow aisle racking is space efficient in two ways:

  • Less floor space is required for aisles, therefore more is available for storage
  • Pallets can be stacked to a greater height than with standard racking systems, thereby further increasing storage space available

This system is therefore ideal for installations where space is limited.

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Safe & Secure

Narrow aisle pallet racking requires the use of specialist fork lift equipment, and whilst this is an additional cost, it is offset by the much improved space utilisation. Indeed, installing a narrow aisle racking system, complete with special fork lifts, is a much more financially attractive proposition that moving to bigger premises or expanding existing warehouse space. (In some cases, drive in pallet racking, using conventional fork lift trucks, is an alternative to a narrow aisle system, providing certain criteria are met.)

The racking structure is firmly secured to both the floor and ceiling of the warehouse space and the special fork lift trucks are guided by wires or rails at floor level, which eliminates the potential for the trucks to come into contact with the racking structure, ensuring safety and minimising accidental damage to both racking and stock.

Design & Installation Service

Our design and installation service provides an efficient and stress free way not only to install your new racking system but to ensure that it is configured to meet your precise requirements.

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