Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Racking Solutions

Greenoaks is proud to be a supplier of mobile racking, a state-of-the-art solution to high density, long term storage requirements.

Mobile racking is based on a block storage layout. Each bay is mounted on rails, which allows it to be moved into position when required, offering superior space saving capabilities with 100% accessibility.

Unlike standard pallet racking, which requires a relatively large proportion of floor space to be used for aisles between the rows of pallets, the block arrangement is extremely space efficient. Mobile racking compliments our drive in and narrow aisle space saving racking systems for specialist applications.


Space Efficient

Mobile racking places rows of pallets adjacent to each other in a block, with no aisles between. Less floor space required for aisles means more floor space available for storage.

The bays of mobile racking are located on guide rails set into the floor and are electrically operated to bring each one forward as required for loading or unloading by fork lift truck. In this way, all the advantages of “block” racking are achieved whilst maintaining full access to each individual pallet. Each “block” requires only one aisle and conventional fork lift trucks can be used.

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In Control

Access to each bay is achieved using either a pre-programmed remote control or individually at the push of a button. Each block can be locked in position for additional security for valuable goods. This gives warehouse managers complete control over their stock and throughput.

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