Maximise storage space by going vertical

Many businesses are feeling the pressure of needing more storage space. Retail businesses that rely on online orders want to stock as many items as they can to fulfil demand.
They require warehouse and

racking systems that can hold all the stock and they need systems to easily find and pick an item. This means utilising all the available warehouse space and may require pallet racking systems that use all the vertical space.
Businesses need to look to the future. If the business expands, is there extra stock space available? It often makes sense to install high shelving now in anticipation of future growth.
If the business experiences rapid growth, management may be too busy coping with the extra orders to be able to replace low level shelving with higher ones. Some businesses caught out by growing demand place inventory on floor space, and this can often be a hazard to forklift truck drivers. Haphazard stock arrangements can also make it more difficult to quickly locate and pick items.
Many manufacturers produce racking that are three to four levels high. Developments in wire-guided order picking equipment mean that workers can easily reach inventory at all levels.
If replacing shelving with higher units, it is also worth installing flexible warehouse shelving systems that can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the items. This is especially useful when stock levels change according to the seasons.
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