How to choose the best racking system

Selecting the right type of racking system for your warehouse is important for two reasons: to improve safety and to make storing and picking items more efficient.
Safety is not an option, it is essential. Modern racking systems will

comply with current safety regulations. If you want to store heavy items, the racking must be designed to safely carry the weight.
There are a number of ways in which racking can be configured. Narrow aisle racking can maximise the use of warehouse space, especially vertical space. They are suitable for fork lift trucks that can easily navigate down narrow aisles.
Carton floor racking has a bed of rollers that are designed to easily move stock. This ideal for items that are hand loaded and picked.
Cantilever racking is used mainly for storing long items such as piping, timber and steel rods. It has a number of columns and protruding arms that make the storing of long items easier.
Heavy duty racking is for heavy loads and can be bought in wide sizes for broad items.
If a business is designing and building a new warehouse, then the design process should start with the racking system that fits the type of stock to be stored and the how stock is picked by humans and machinery. This is better than fitting the racking system to the building after construction.
For advice on installing the best warehouse shelving system and pallet racking for your business, talk to Greenoaks’ racking experts.


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