What to do if your warehouse runs out of space

A common issue with a growing business is running out of storage space.
The goal of most businesses is to

expand. If your business sells physical products or needs a large inventory of parts for the manufacturing process, then there needs to be space to store them. As the business grows, the need for more and more storage space increases. There often comes a point where the storage space becomes full.
One solution to this issue is to relocate the storage warehouse to larger premises or, if there is room, expand an existing building. Both these solutions are expensive and are difficult to reverse should there be a downturn in business.
The answer to this problem is mezzanine flooring, which is a platform built between the floor and the ceiling. In a warehouse, mezzanine floors are usually built of steel and are free standing. They can easily be dismantled if no longer needed and are flexible enough to be erected at another location.
Mezzanine floors are an effective way to utilise the unused vertical space. A substantial amount of extra storage space can be added through constructing one.
As well as addressing storage issues, a mezzanine floor can be used to create space for new offices.
To use a mezzanine floor effectively, there are a variety of handling equipment that can make locating and moving goods easier. Lifts and conveyor belts systems enable goods to be easily moved from the mezzanine floor to ground level.


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