The advantages of mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a cost effective and flexible way to increase the space that a growing business needs.
When a business runs out of

storage or office space, an option is to construct additional buildings to accommodate extra capacity if land is available. Another more expensive option is to relocate the business to new premises.
There are two disadvantages to these strategies, though. Firstly, moving or building is costly. Secondly, if a new building is constructed, then logistical difficulties are created when goods are stored in more than one area. Mezzanine flooring solves both these issues.
Compared to a new building, mezzanine flooring is cost effective and efficient through retaining control of products in the same building. It’s a solution that makes efficient use of the space already available.
Mezzanine flooring is useful for adding extra office space. Since heat rises, ground floor heating will also help heat the mezzanine floor so that the offices can be heated for no or very little extra cost. A mezzanine floor can be the solution for adding extra retail space to a shop too.
A very flexible solution, mezzanine floors can be constructed quickly then taken down and relocated easily. Warehouse shelving systems installed on the mezzanine flooring can provide flexible and extendable storage solutions.
Normally, installing mezzanine flooring does not require planning permission. It’s usually classed as capital equipment, which means that mezzanines have tax advantages.
If your business needs the versatility that a new mezzanine floor and customised warehouse shelving systems can provide, talk to Greenoaks.


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