Warehouse racking

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Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking from Greenoaks Ltd helps you make full and efficient use of your warehouse. We can supply you with warehouse racking systems that can really benefit your business.

Why is warehouse racking important?

The right warehouse racking system can become an essential part of your warehouse infrastructure. It helps you to optimise your warehouse layout and have the maximum amount of storage space for your products. There are many different types of racking systems to suit different size operations and spaces, but they all essentially have the same function. They allow you to store palletised materials in rows on multiple levels. The benefit of choosing Premierack from Greenoaks is it has a variety of sizes and accessories available so you can design and create a warehouse racking system for pretty much any palletised goods.

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What types of racking systems are available for warehouses?

Standard wide aisle system

The wide aisle pallet racking is the standard system used for a lot of warehouses. It is ideal for larger operations as it can hold a large quantity of goods and be set up to accommodate forklifts and other vehicles to drive down the aisles.

Drive in racking

Drive in pallet racking is ideal for bulk storage of similar products or refrigeration storage. In this system the goods are stored multiple pallets deep on rails and forklifts drive into the racking to get them. Goods are accessed on a last in first out basis so wouldn’t suit a warehouse operation where stock rotation is important.

Narrow aisle racking

As the name suggests this system is best suited to warehouses where space is limited, and you need a lot of flexibility to access stock. It uses a similar style of layout to a standard system but with narrower aisles between each row of pallets whilst offering all the advantages of standard racking.

How can warehouse racking from Greenoaks benefit your business?

With the right warehouse system in place, you can completely change how your business operates as well as your bottom line. Here are a few benefits to upgrading your warehouse shelving with Greenoaks.

1) Save on space

This is the most obvious advantage to having warehouse racking, you can significantly increase your storage space with a good quality system. Then using a forklift will allow you to access the pallets on the upper shelf with ease and you can think about your warehouse storage capabilities in terms of cubic space instead of floor square footage.

 2) Increased safety

Due to their purpose and size, warehouse pallet racking systems are designed and made with safety in mind. The safety of both your goods and your workers are extremely important. A well-built racking system will be reinforced to give you a solid and stable platform for your pallets to rest on. Also, it will help keep your stock organised and reduce instances of it getting piled up on the floor.

 3) Better stock organisation

If you can’t keep track of what is coming in and out of your warehouse then you can’t effectively run your business. A warehouse shelving system will help you stay organised and record your inventory so your operation will run as smoothly as possible. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors as you will always have the stock the customers want and can get it to them quickly and efficiently. Accurately tracking your stock will also help you grow your business; a successful operation and level of production will lead to increased business.

 4) Increased productivity

When it is easier to access your stock, you will notice a substantial increase in productivity and employee satisfaction. Having the right racking design allows your forklifts to manoeuvre more quickly and easily throughout the racks to get the work done. The less time your workers and forklifts are spending traversing the warehouse the more time they have to get other things done.

 5) Affordable

Overhauling your racking system might seem like a big upfront investment but you need to consider the long-term savings you will be making for your business. A quality warehouse racking system will protect your stock so you will have less damaged or lost product costs. Also, it will help you manage your stock better so you’re not overbuying products you don’t need. Most importantly, it can reduce the risk of workers compensation claims. In a safer work environment employees are less likely to get injured. When you take all those costs into account you will see huge savings in costs for your business.

If you’re looking for a UK leading warehouse racking supplier to give you the best warehouse system for your business at a competitive price then contact Greenoaks today. 

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