Office Workstations

Office workstations are a convenient and highly functional means to increase productivity and provide your employees with a great deal of comfort. Still, there are many types of stations to choose from. To help you in this selection process, we have put together a brief checklist of the main things that you need to take in count before making an ultimate decision. Let’s have a closer look.

Of course, any work station needs to be quite stable in its design. This prevents the chances of collapse, damage to equipment and potential injury. So Greenoaks provides stations that employ steel leg frames, reinforced support and adjustable feet so that uneven areas can be addressed. However, all-wood models are available for specialist situations.
Upgrading or Downgrading
What happens if you need the station to be increased or decreased in size? This equipment should be modular in nature. Shelves, cupboards and drawers should also be able to be installed quickly. This cuts down on assembly time and if you do decide to upgrade, it can be accomplished quickly.
Adjustable Heights
There are times when a workstation will be used within an assembly line or similar physical application. In these instances, the height of the unit should be adjustable. the operator must be able to modify this height with little effort while the stability of the station should never be jeopardised. We at Greenoaks have taken this factor into account within the design of all of our workstations.
Additional Accessories
Do you need a rather “bare-bones” station or does your company require a highly functional unit? Amenities such as tool racks, power supplies and even fluorescent lighting should be available. This is very much along the same lines as the previously mentioned concept of modularity. Different accessories are also great at helping to increase productivity and comfort within the workplace; saving you both time and money.
So, remember to keep all of these concepts in mind when choosing the type of work station that you require. Of course, Greenoaks is always happy to address any other questions that you might have.


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