Mezzanine Floors by Greenoaks Ltd

Do you have a small office and are you frustrated at the amount of space that is available? Cluttered work environments present a number of problems. Productivity can be lower, employees may be less comfortable and certain equipment simply may not be able to fit. So, mezzanine floors are a great alternative that is provided through Greenoaks. What are a handful of the benefits that are associated with these systems?

Second-Floor Space
One of the best way to increase the overall footprint of your office is through the installation of a mezzanine floor. You can free up valuable space that would otherwise have gone to waste. Let’s also remember that this method is much cheaper than being forced to upgrade to an entirely new location. For a one-off fee, you are able to provide your team with the space that it needs to operate.
Bespoke Installation
Another advantage of the mezzanine flooring provided by Greenoaks is that they are designed and installed with the exact dimensions of your office in mind. So, they will boast a secure fit while maximising the amount of space offered down to the millimetre. From the initial site survey to architectural planning and installation, you are kept informed along every step of the way.
Other Benefits
Another interesting windfall here is that the majority of mezzanine floors are considered to be “capital investments” by the HMRC. So, there are a number of taxation advantages to be enjoyed. Another fact is that if you indeed decide to move offices in the future, these floors can be disassembled and relocated quickly. Finally, you have a choice of other accessories such as shelving, staircases and even conveyor services for use within a production environment. Of course, we always strive to match the existing decor of your office. This provides you with an attractive and eye-catching alternative to a cluttered atmosphere.
Does mezzanine flooring sound like a good idea for your business location? If so, please give us at Greenoaks a call on 0161 775 7178. We will provide you with a further explanation as well as an on-site analysis if you prefer.


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