Make the Most of Your Space with Mezzanine Flooring

Effective use of space is always an issue for businesses, and many companies aim to use existing space as creatively as possible. Mezzanine floors are an ideal solution, as they provide a simple way of adding another floor without the necessity of a major structural redesign of the premises.

The major advantage to mezzanine flooring is cost: The floor can be constructed where it is needed with no modifications to the existing structure being required. The units are usually designed so that they can be dismantled and moved if necessary, so there is a great deal of flexibility and scope for future expansion with this type of design.
In most cases, mezzanine floors require no planning permission. Although the UK government has recently brought in legislation requiring planning permission for mezzanine floors of more than 200m², the inherent flexibility of the concept means that many smaller floors can be built within the premises to circumvent this rule.
There are a variety of options for mezzanine floors depending on the requirements of the business. Mezzanine flooring for production is designed to hold machinery in order to expand production capacity without requiring a change of premises or an extension. This means that new machinery can remain close to the heart of production, making the most efficient use of space. Business with a requirement for production on many levels also benefit from mezzanine floors. Cable manufacturing is one example where using the available height of the premises is beneficial, and this can help some businesses to use gravity to good effect as part of production.
Tall warehouses can be very inefficient in their use of space, and mezzanine floors can be installed to provide more room for storage. This can involve single or multi-tier mezzanine floors, and these types can also incorporate racking for storage. Much space is often wasted in attics, and a mezzanine floor can make the roof space available for further storage.
Mezzanine floors are useful for staff expansion in offices, as they can be used to add more workstations in the existing premises, whilst making use of existing telecommunication systems and computer networks. In addition to this, retail environments can use mezzanine floors to stock more goods, maximising customer footfall with no extra overheads.
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