Avoiding Issues with Incorrect Shelving Solutions

Finding the right type of shelving system for your office or workplace can be difficult. Without understanding when certain varieties should be used, you could easily find yourself spending much more money, sacrificing floor space and even risking an accident. So, what are some of the main issues if an incorrect shelf is selected? Let’s have a quick look at a few common situations.

The Wrong Weight Capacity
Not all shelving systems can handle the same amount of weight. For example, the long-span shelving offered by Greenoaks Ltd. is built to support up to 100 kilograms on a single plank. However, typical office units are not. In an industrial environment, a potentially heavy object could easily fall and break. In the worst-case scenario, someone may even be hurt.
The Wrong Dimensions
The purpose of any shelf is to make the best use of storage space possible. It should be obvious that different units are built to address different locations. Mobile shelving can be great space savers while other types can actually take up entirely too much room. This will result in a cluttered environment and in some cases, safety can once again be a very real concern.
Problems with Accessing Items
Lesser-quality shelving systems are constructed in a “one-size-fits-all” design. Although this could be great for some applications, this lack of flexibility can make it difficult to access certain objects. If we consider that some items could be very heavy (such as engine parts), we once again see that storing these parts too high overhead can be very dangerous. The best shelving units should be able to offer adjustable heights. This will help to maximise available space and make reaching any product as easy as possible.
So, it is easy to see that choosing the best type of shelving system for your location should take into account a number of factors. for instance, another area to address can be the ability to match the existing decor of an office. Thanks to the wide selection of options offered at Greenoaks Ltd, selecting the best type of shelf has never been quicker or easier. 


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