How to organise your warehouse

It can be extremely frustrating trying to find missing items in a warehouse. The stock list on the computer may tell you that an item is there, but if you cannot find it on your warehouse shelving system, this is no use. This is

why it is so important to organise your warehouse.
Creating an efficiently organised warehouse is not difficult, but there are a few simple rules to follow. Many of these rules are obvious, but it is surprising how many warehouses do not follow them correctly. The goal of a warehouse storage system is clear: to be able to find any item easily and quickly.
Firstly, make sure that all items are stickered with a product information label and a SKU (stock-keeping unit) number. Ideally this should be barcoded for use by a barcode reader.
Put the same type of items in the same area. Items should be stacked vertically rather than horizontally on pallet racking. The exception to this is large items that can be stacked one behind the other.
Aisles should be clear so that the progress of item pickers is not hampered, and walkers should be able to move freely through the warehouse without hindrance.
Another tip is to create small product image stickers that can be attached to boxes or packages so that they do not need to be opened to know what is inside them.
An organised warehouse starts with a custom-built pallet racking system. Speak to Greenoaks today to discuss how their warehouse shelving systems can cater to your every storage needs.


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