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Industry Standards Flexible Pallet Racking
In industrial environments, shelving and pallet racking is a little-appreciated necessity. However, for this reason the quality of shelving, racking and storage needs to be of the highest standard. For most workers, the shelves that they use are just another tool of the trade, so during busy times they tend to get hard treatment.

It is vitally important that industrial storage is of high enough quality to be fit for purpose. Poor quality shelving will not be compliant with health and safety standards or industry standards such as ANSI MH26.2-2007, posing a risk to employee safety. In food production environments, shelving and racking must be compliant with hygiene and food safety standards as well as being well-ventilated and easy to clean.
Whilst compliance with safety standards remains an important consideration, it is also the case that organisations do not want to waste valuable productive time repairing or maintaining poor-quality shelving. Furthermore, storage solutions must be ergonomic to help keep the environment efficient and productive. Easily accessible shelving will make activities such as order-picking easy for employees, and reduce the headcount requirement for organisations.
At Greenoaks Ltd, we believe that minimum standards of safety and compliance must not merely be achieved but exceeded. It is our opinion that health and safety regulations exist for a good reason, and that providing a pleasant and safe environment for employees is paramount. Furthermore, an ergonomic workplace will make life easier for those working there, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.
We specialise in storage solutions that are safe and extremely sturdy yet make access easy, whilst maximising use of available storage space. Our guiding principle for the design of racking and shelving is that it can be both space-saving yet easy to access at the same time. In addition to drive-in and narrow-aisle shelving for long term storage, we also provide mobile shelving that is easily accessible yet folds down to provide secure storage that takes up a minimum of space. In addition we can also install Mezzanine floors to add further useable space to any environment.
At Greenoaks Ltd, we are committed to communicating with our customers to understand their needs. Whilst some customers require ‘last in, first out’ or long-term storage solutions, others require storage and racking that easily facilitates stock rotation, especially with perishable items. We work with a variety of organisations of all sizes, and not only are we able to provide shelving for large warehouses, but we are able to provide small-storage solutions for small workshops and mobile tradespeople.
As such, we have a vast knowledge of various industries, their production and operating methods and the compliance standards that they need to achieve. Whilst we provide self-assembly and off-the-shelf racking products, our designers are able to identify customer requirements and agree a bespoke solution for any environment.
We use CAD systems to plan and design the installation of our products, and our designers will oversee the project to ensure fast and efficient installation of the storage products. We pride ourselves on the speed of our installation, and the period from initial consultation to delivery and installation can be as little as 10 days.


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