Dexion Pallet Racking and Storage Solutions

It is important to choose the right racking for your business needs, and Greenoaks Ltd provide a range of solutions including Dexion storage solutions which offers a variety of off-the-shelf options for the storage of goods. Dexion systems are built around the access requirements of businesses, whether they are First in Last out (FILO) for long term storage or First in First out (FIFO) for perishable goods requiring correct stock rotation.

Dexion systems are also designed with the space requirements and budget of the business in mind, and all systems are built around the rugged and easy to install modular P90 system. For those who require accessibility at all times, there is the simple Standard Wide Aisle system that allows instant access to any stored items for easy order picking. Slightly tighter storage areas will benefit from the Narrow Aisle option that allows easy access to all storage by narrow reach trucks, whilst maximising the use of space.

Where space is at a premium yet accessibility is required, Dexion’s unique MOVO mobile racking allows access by counterbalance and reach truck, whilst dramatically reducing the amount of warehouse space used for storage. This system allows for 95 per cent access to all storage, so MOVO is suitable for both FIFO and FILO applications.
For long term storage where the need for stock rotation is not an issue, Deep Store/Drive In racking gives good use of volume for the least cost, whilst using minimal space. Dexion’s similar Push Back storage system allows counterbalance and reach truck access from all sides. This provides 75 per cent utilisation of the available space in areas where long-term storage is required, yet occasional quick retrieval is desirable.
Businesses with a linear supply chain will benefit from both the Pallet Flow and Pallet Shuttle Systems. Both these systems transport goods through the supply chain, so they are ideal for FIFO applications and perishable goods. The Pallet Flow system uses gravity and rollers to transport pallets, whilst both FIFO and LIFO requirements are met with Pallet Shuttle by allowing a bi-directional flow when required.
Dexion also have the widely-used Rack83 rail-mounted racking system for the best use of large warehouse space, as well as pull-out systems that make for a safe and pleasant working environment whilst increasing productivity.
All Dexion systems can be customised to suit any business, and a quick delivery and set-up service is available, contact Greenoaks Ltd now for a free quote on 0161 775 7178 or fill in our short enquiry form here.


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