Cost Effective Shelving Options

It is no secret that in-house expenditures can quickly add up over time. In terms of storage and shelves, this is a point that cannot be overlooked. At Greenoaks, we are happy to supply you with a number of options. Here are some some of the best ways to save money with your office shelving;

The Power of Steel
Those who are looking for a low-cost and yet sturdy option should always consider steel shelves. These can be installed easily, come in a number of different dimensions and they are also extremely durable.
Bespoke Designs
There is no such concept as “one size fits all” within the shelving industry. In other words, creating designs based around your needs will make certain that nothing goes to waste. This is one of the reasons why Greenoaks is able to consult with our customers to understand exactly what it is that they require.
Never Pay for Consultations
One of the hallmarks of a less-than-trustworthy company is one which charges for an initial consultation. Depending upon the needs of the customer, such a meeting can actually be quite expensive. So, it is always wise to choose providers that offer free estimates that are under no obligation.
Second-Hand Shelving
Recycled shelves offer several benefits. First, they employ materials that were previously used. This is an excellent advantage from an environmental perspective; less waste is generated. However, these are extremely viable alternatives in terms of cost. It should be noted that any shelves and partitions are made from quality materials and just like their steel counterparts, they are built to last.
This concept is somewhat similar to the idea of bespoke designs, but it should still be mentioned. Modularity will provide you with the ability to upgrade or downgrade as is necessary. Therefore, you are receiving everything you need and nothing that you do not.
These are five excellent ways to save money if you are considering a shelving system. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Greenoaks for further details. We will be happy to help.


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