Applications for Industrial Shelving Types

One of the most important systems within any warehouse is the shelving system, as there are a number of different systems available to use. The system used could be determined by the type of product that has to be stored or indeed the premises used for storage. Greenoaks Ltd provide a range of systems to suit all possibilities, let’s take a quick look at some of the varieties that are offered and what each type is used for.

Mobile Shelving
For those with a limited amount of space, mobile shelving is a great choice. As the individual bays are placed together, the use of multiple aisles can be reduced. While these shelves are very strong, the biggest advantages is that the different units can be opened and closed when access to materials is required. This is perfect for libraries, storage facilities and a host of other uses.
Long-Span Shelving
Long-Span Shelving is very easy to assemble and is quite lightweight. Still, it can hold up to 100 kilograms on each shelf. As these units are very modular, their applications are numerous. They are suited within locations where the amount of floor space is limited. Since the shelves can be placed at various heights, large and small items can be accessed easily. Garages, production facilities and even offices will find great value in this variety. These are also great for do-it-yourself projects.
Office Shelving
These are an alternative to long-span shelving. They are lightweight and able to blend within most office environments. Such shelves are perfect for storing everyday items such as files, CDs, paperwork and even electronic hardware. Still, they are very modular in design and can match the existing decor of many offices. While not suited for industrial use, these are great options within a traditional commercial location.
So, it is clear to see that Greenoaks Ltd. is able to provide a number of unique solutions based upon the intended applications of the shelves. From the ability to handle bulk industrial items to normal office supplies, there is a unit that will suit nearly every need imaginable.
Please contact Greenoaks now on 0161 775 7178 discus your needs and find the best shelving solution for your business.


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