A Guide to Industrial Shelving Options

Greenoaks Ltd. boasts a number of bespoke shelving systems which are designed specifically around the needs of countless clients. As we embrace cost-effective efficiency, all of these systems are modular and scalable in design. Thus, they are able to address extremely stringent and unique requirements. Upgrades and downgrades are made simple. These shelves are constructed of extremely durable materials and longevity is assured. Accordingly, we are able to offer a number of specific solutions for any facility. What are the types of shelves offered and what benefits can each category provide?

Mobile Shelving
Mobile shelving bays are excellent solutions which will enable the client to maximise the space within an environment. Different “blocks” can be connected together; the need for aisles between each unit can be eliminated. Each is highly secure and is able to be firmly locked shut when necessary. We are happy to provide professional assessments to determine the dimensions and solutions which meet the needs of the client.

Office Shelving
Our selection of modular office shelving is an excellent way to store and access a wide variety of materials. As always, each design can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the customer. Not only will these shelves support a robust amount of weight, but we provide additional accessories such as:
  • Lateral and telescopic filing cradles.
  • Full-height units.
  • Book dividers.
  • Lever-arch file storage

When organisation and scalability are key, these highly functional and yet modular office shelves can be the preferred option.

Long-Span Shelving
This type of industrial shelving is ideally suited when one requires both space and massive amounts of static support. In fact, these long-span shelves are able to handle up to 100 kilograms of weight. Greenoaks has made assembly easy; there are no nuts, rivets or bolts. Clients can choose such metrics as wire mesh decking, galvanised steel panels, four different widths and even tyre racks (to name but a few features). We are likewise able to offer long-span solutions to the catering business as well as “Kwik-Rack” shelving for more modular and lightweight needs.
This is but a brief overview of the types of shelving that Greenoaks Ltd. supplies to an increasing number of commercial, residential and industrial customers. Please feel free to click on the relevant links to learn more or to give us a call and speak with a highly trained customer service representative.


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